Woman Torso Sculpt **Nudity**

G+ user Shauki B did post a big print of a woman torso. Because of many curves, the reflexions on the model convey an impression, that a very accurate printer was printing. I wanted to know if this is because of an easy model or a well adjusted printer.


(credits: thing 151251) 

Therefor I printed the torso on the DICE aswell. In some areas, like the neck/shoulders, the part has very steep (inside-)overhangs. To adjust the printprocess for this, I printed with 4 perimeters, to get a bit support. 

Printsettings are (S3D):

model: thing:151251
printer: DICE
Z-height: 0.1mm
speed: 80mm/s
nozzle: 0.2mm
travelspeed: 500mm/s
material: PETG orange
Temperature Hotend: 235°C / 235°C
Temperature bed: 110°C / 100°C
raft: no
support: no
infill: 10%
time: 1:55:56
used filament: 5,34m

During the print, it looked like this: