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fast magnetic hotend changer

This is, what bugs me most about my sparkcube: The hotend isn't easy to reach. Don't get me wrong, the coreXY-system is great, but it's impractical to mount the hotend underneath the carriage, like the sparkcube does. So I did something about it, I invented a magnetic hotend changer for the standard groove-mount.


A video is the best description:



The magnetic hotend changer doesn't only hold the hotend. It is possible to mount up to 2 additional coolingfans and a sensor for auto-bed-leveling.



The assembly is hold by 8 round magnets, 10mm wide and 5mm thick. The holding force is about 5kg and therefore a bit overdesigned. But who knows, maybe someone uses 10.000mm/s² acceleration and will need this strong fit.



If someone isn't interested in using magnets, but still wants to use the fanholder, I designed a version without magnets:



And as always, this is free to build: 


magnetic holder: Thing:952572

fanholder: thing:971253

sensorholder: thing:971257

holder without magnets: Thing:983728