pearlescent polymer filament

For a considerable time Since february 2016 there is a new, very interesting filament in the shop of Sascha. It is available in red, blue, green and white and all four have a pearlescent shine in common.

I was able to get my hands on it as one of the first:

I was excited about this filament right from the start. I never saw such a visual effect before. Yeah, I know the metallic shine of some of the metal-filaments out there, but this here is a size larger... Depending on how the light shines onto it, it reflects dazzling brilliant or deeply colored. Very fascinating!

So I got some more samples and even a complete spool of the blue one.

This polymer filament prints similar to PLA, but slightly hotter at around 220°C to 230°C, sticks to the PEI-print bed at 90°C, needs much cooling when printing overhangs and after printing it, it is a little bit softer than PETG. But see on your own, what I did with it:

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