Dwarfclan Forgemaster 18mm scale

Thingiverse got me curious with this preview. It was a nice looking forging dwarf and after inspecting the model, I recognized the small size of 18mm in height. 


(credits: thing 1394109)

Challenged by this size, I wanted to print it with my DICE:

Because of the rather small footprint, I decided to add a 2-perimeter-thick oozeshield in S3D to get the print some time to cool down. Because of this the hotend is busy with printing the oozeshield and the cooling fan is moving above the print itself. Further, I added supportstructurs for the 4 steep overhangs.

I used the following settings in S3D:

model: thing:1394109
printer: DICE
Z-height: 0.1mm
speed: 50mm/s
travel: 500mm/s
material: PETG white
temp hotend: 240°C / 225°C
temp bed: 110°C / 100°C
raft: no
support: yes
infill: 25%
time: 1:02:56
filament: 1,11m
Slicer-profile:  forgemaster.factory
gCode-file:  forgemaster.gcode

This is, what it looked like during and after the print:

Cleanup of the supports and size-comparison-shoots:

Time lapse: